Who We Are

We are all Collective Napa Valley.
We are wine enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs.
We are Friday-night-only sippers and serious collectors.
We are fancy-dress wine revelers and dusty-boot winemakers.
We are all different and we are all connected by a common passion: doing good.

We are like the grape leaf that represents us: a beautiful mosaic comprised of diverse parts synthesized into a powerful collective. We are supporters, beneficiaries, and vintners merged into a community with a common goal: doing good.

Our leaders share a spirit of collaboration and camaraderie and have an unwavering dedication to doing good.

Collective Napa Valley Leaders

  • Jaime Araujo, Trois Noix
  • Jack Bittner, OVID.Napa Valley
  • William Cary, Community Board Member
  • Cyril Chappellet, Chappellet Vineyard
  • David Duncan, Silver Oak
  • Andy Erickson, Favia
  • Steve Fink, Community Board Member
  • John Hamilton, Community Board Member
  • Rick Jones, Jones Family Vineyard
  • Amanda Harlan, Harlan Estate
  • Darioush Khaledi, Darioush
  • Alycia Mondavi, Aloft Wine
  • Beth Novak Milliken, Spottswoode Estate Vineyard & Winery
  • David Pearson, NVV Sustaining Member
  • Paul Roberts, Colgin Cellars
  • Doug Shafer, Shafer Vineyards
  • Claire Stull, Community Board Member
  • Delia Viader, Viader Vineyards & Winery
  • Elizabeth Vianna, Chimney Rock Winery
  • Blakesley Chappellet, Strategic Advisor