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"Napa Valley Vintners' weekend shines once again"

The synergy of an event and a cause in Napa Valley sometimes verges on the magical. For the Napa Valley Vintners’ inaugural Together Again Weekend, which took place June 2 to 4, even Mother Nature cooperated, providing days that were sunny but not broiling and evenings that were pleasant, nearly warm, under cloudless skies. She must have approved, as did the guests at the newest offering from the Vintners.
-Sasha Paulsen, Napa Valley Focus Substack

"Collective Napa Valley - Together Again Weekend raises $3.8 million for youth mental health"

Welcome to the Collective Napa Valley’s Together Again Weekend, a streamlined version of the highly successful ANV which debuted on June 2 and 3 and raised $3.8 million from barrel and live auctions, plus the Fund-a-Bright Future campaign.
-Mira Advani Honeycutt, Napa Valley Register

"Napa Valley Vintners plans for $2.1 million wildfire resiliency grant"

Addressing the issue of wildfires in Napa County is a top priority, and I am pleased that, as a community, we have taken positive steps towards making Napa County more fire resilient over the last couple of years. This grant by the NVV will help us take another big step forward.
-Anne Cottrell, Napa County Supervisor