What is Collective?

Collective Napa Valley celebrates wine lovers who share a common passion for doing good for our community and who understand stewardship of our land and resources also means caring for our children, our neighbors, and our collective future.

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Building the Community

The power of bringing together wine enthusiasts

In Napa Valley, we understand the importance of the greater community, a community of wine enthusiasts who share in our love of Napa Valley wines and natural environment. Collective Napa Valley is for all of us. There is a place at our proverbial table for anyone who loves wine and believes in doing good.

We invite you to join us by making a steadfast commitment to new, evolving and innovative methods of fundraising.


The Impact of Philanthropy

Napa Valley Vintners has donated more than $200 million to our community non-profits over the last 40 years, focusing on strategic initiatives for health care and youth development. We have successfully touched the lives of more than 100,000 annually and invested deeply to improve the lives of vulnerable residents.

Through the power of dollars coming together for greater impact, we envision Collective Napa Valley will be the most significant fundraising endeavor for our community.

Community Giving

Celebrating Together

Doing good while coming together to enjoy wine, that is Collective Napa Valley. We will gather around the table throughout the year to raise a glass, savor amazing meals, form bonds and together we will protect our precious natural resources. We will build on our illustrious history of doing good together and toast our collective future.

Event Schedule

Benefits to Joining

Exclusive access to events and content made for Napa Valley wine enthusiasts like you.

  • Participation in seasonal offerings with curated events
  • Engagement with Napa Valley vintner members
  • Opportunities to expand your wine knowledge
  • Access to special wine events and offers
  • Year-Round Experiences

    The Collective Napa Valley community will have access to a variety of year-round programs and events, providing opportunities to participate, engage and explore—online and in-person.

  • Spring Offering

    Welcome to the new year of Collective Napa Valley

    As the budbreak signals the start of the new growing season, you’ll join us each Spring for a virtual Napa Valley experience and tasting. A portfolio of specially selected wines will be available for tasting during our live broadcast or at your leisure to learn about Napa Valley and year ahead.

  • Summer Offering

    Futures Barrel Auction Weekend

    First Weekend in June

    Inspired by our Napa Valley Barrel Auction, we’ll celebrate summer with a live event weekend that includes everything you’d expect from only-in-Napa Valley hospitality: vintner-hosted wine events and experiences, wines to taste straight from the barrel, delicious food from local restaurants, and so much more, including a grand celebration to recognize our non-profit partners.

    And doing good? All proceeds from the weekend event go towards funding the key to a bright future: the children of Napa Valley.

  • Fall Offering

    Vintage Celebration

    First Weekend in November

    Harvest is simply magical. You’ll experience it when you join us for a celebration of the current vintage, including the latest news and winemaker tastings (traditionally open only to winemakers). Come for insider information on the wines now resting in the cellar. Our Vintage Winemakers tasting you can join winemakers for a first taste of fresh juice from the newest vintage. To complete your weekend, the Vintage Celebration Dinner and Live Auction will feature an intimate evening of custom experiences and incredible wines.

  • Special Access

    Dinners, tastings and events curated specifically for Collective members

    • Engage with Napa Valley winemakers
    • Featured wine tastings: vintage retrospectives, varietal specific, appellation focus
    • Experience intimate gatherings hosted by vintners
    • Acquire library and rare wines through members-only Open the Cellar events
    2022 Event Schedule