Prized Pairing: PROMONTORY and SingleThread Farm

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Promontory Winery — Oakville, California
$7,500 per person

  • Extraordinary private dinner pairing Promontory library wines with SingleThread Farm cuisine
  • Champagne reception, tour and tasting of currently aging wines
  • Food prepared by Michelin three-Star Chef Kyle Connaughton

Open your mind and senses to an extraordinary pairing of wines from Promontory’s singular territory with the equally singular creations of SingleThread Farm at this private dinner for 24.

Begin your sensory adventure by joining the Harlan family and SingleThread Farm’s Michelin three-Star Chef Kyle Connaughton for a Champagne reception at Promontory winery. You’ll learn about Promontory's dramatic landscape, exceptional geology, and philosophy of winegrowing. Take an intimate walk through the winery and be among the first to taste wines currently aging in cask.

Afterward, enjoy an unparalleled pairing of Promontory library vintages with a dinner prepared by Chef Connaughton, SingleThread’s owner, and his team. Trained in Japan, Chef Connaughton is an expert in donabe, Japanese clay-pot cooking. He will prepare a kaiseki-inspired menu derived from the Japanese culinary tradition characterized by small portions, subtle flavors, artistic presentations, and fresh seasonal ingredients. Head farmer and SingleThread co-owner Katina Connaughton, Chef Connaughton’s wife, ensures a bounty of the latter from their Healdsburg property.

The delicately nuanced menu will be a perfect complement to Promontory’s vintages, produced from the wild terrain discovered by H. William Harlan in the early 1980s. While hiking along Oakville’s southwestern ridge, Mr. Harlan came across a hidden expanse of steep, rugged topography—dramatic conditions for an altogether exotic winegrowing environment—which the Harlan family finally captured in 2008.

The cuisine from SingleThread Farm (recently awarded #50 Best Restaurant in the World) and Promontory’s inspiring wines from the edge of the unknown will touch all your senses.