2024 Fine Wines and Experiences Auction

Fine Wines and Experiences Auction

August 29 - September 12, 2024

Together with members of Napa Valley Vintners, Sotheby’s and Collective Napa Valley are proud to offer exceptional experiences in the spirit of coming together to do good and preserve Napa Valley for future generations.

The Fine Wines and Experiences Auction will provide any wine enthusiast with the opportunity to acquire special offerings directly from Napa Valley wineries, including vertical collections and large format wines to be found nowhere else in the world. Additionally, this auction will offer the opportunity to bid on unique experiences that invite you to enjoy unparalleled Napa Valley hospitality and the natural beauty of this magnificent place. 

The auction opens for advance bidding on Thursday, August 29 and closes via online-only auction on Thursday, September 12 starting 2:00pm EDT in New York.

Proceeds from this sale will benefit youth mental health programs in Napa Valley.