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Collective Napa Valley

Collective Napa Valley's Star Sommeliers

Together Again Live Auction

5:00 PM  Silver Oak

Close out the weekend’s festivities with a spectacular evening that connects us all together to raise funds for children’s wellness. The special celebration at Silver Oak begins with an incredible dinner prepared by award-winning Chef Cindy Pawlcyn, owner of Napa Valley’s renowned Mustards Grill and a pioneer for the use of local and sustainable foods. Guests will be seated at a single table stretching as far as the eye can see, amongst vintners gathering to share a variety of the best wines Napa Valley has to offer. Dinner will feature wine service from our local Star Sommeliers, and will be followed by live music, dancing, and an opportunity to acquire Napa Valley’s finest wines during our live auction. Join us as we celebrate our collective community and the best food and wine that Napa Valley has to offer.
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Collective Napa Valley's Star Sommeliers:

Attendees at this year's Collective Napa Valley Together Again Live will receive wine service from some of the top Sommeliers in Napa Valley. We thank these fine wine professionals for volunteering to lead the wine service at this year's auction:

Jamie Jamison, Brix

Micah Clark, The Charter Oak

Saniya Rao, The Charter Oak

Traci Dutton, The Culinary Institute of America

Gabe Rodriguez, The Donum Estate

Louise Olivares, Solage